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Deployment to-do and to-stop

The ever looming doom where my husband leaves me for upwards of 6 months consecutively. Yay…. I have a lot of feelings. I have a lot of thoughts, but for right now I just want to put some goals down on paper for myself to keep me on track and things in perspective. 

Things I want to do: 

  • Daily Devotionals

  • Build into new friendships

  • Read

  • Listen to Audiobooks

  • Build a workout routine

  • Train Holt 

  • Get a Tan

  • Revamp HGG 

  • Save Money 

  • Appreciate the beauty of where I live

Things I want to stop:

  • Telling myself I am not enough

  • Looking at myself like a number on a scale 

  • Thinking my husband will die 

  • Thinking my husband won’t miss me 

  • Letting other people define how I think about myself 

  • Letting who I was consume who I am and suffocate who I am meant to be

I wanted to have a section where I put “Things to See..” but we all know that COVID-19 really took all the fun out of that one, so for right now I am just going to see the beauty in all of the people and things around me. I am happy to live close to the ever-calming presence of the ocean during these crazy and unprecedented times.


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