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Hey, Hi... It's Me!


HEY, Hi... It's Me!


Welcome to Hue Go Girl! My name is Kylie and I hope that you enjoy browsing around on my site. I have wanted to have my own website for YEARS. But, I just hadn’t pulled the trigger on the project until now. Creative projects and I have a love/hate relationship. If I am going to do a project, I am going to go all out. Even the slightest presence of something creative sneaking up on me and my mind begins to race and I am consumed with never-ending ideas and inspirations. It is a HUGE commitment for me to expand my creative wings, because it takes every dang moment of every dang second of every dang day. Sleep doesn’t exist in creative times like these.

So, Here we go! The name, Hue Go Girl comes from my love of living life in a full spectrum of color; literally and figuratively. From lipstick to clothing; laughter to tears. Life is best lived in a hue that is unique to you. When you find a balance of loving yourself and others for who they are and can meet them right where they are, it is in that moment you become a woman of power and in that moment, I dance for joy with you and say, “HUE GO GIRL!”

Hue Go Girl is meant to be a platform of faith and positivity. With everything I do I want you to feel empowered and more open to embrace the depths of who you are to your very core. In each post I plan to wreck stereotypes and pull the wool off your pretty little eyes. Life isn’t perfect. I am not perfect and Hue Go Girl is a place where I am going to be completely raw and my truest self. There will be no sugar coating to protect my image, ego or pride. It may make you feel uncomfortable at times - good - In those moments I encourage you to look inside and ask yourself why it makes you uncomfortable? Is it because I am being too honest that, in your opinion, it is inappropriate? Do we want honesty but not complete honesty? Or do we only want the honest truth that makes us feel good?

That being said, though I have a hidden purpose behind everything I do or say. While everything will remain predominately light-hearted, spontaneous and super duper colorful. I refuse to put myself or my website in a box. It will constantly be changing and evolving. If there are things you want me to talk about, contact me. If there are things you want to talk about, contact me. If there are things you don’t like, keep it to yourself. Just kidding! You can contact me for that too. No one grows without constructive criticism right?! Whether or not I take your advice or words to heart will be a completely different story (sorry!), but all opinions and thoughts are welcome here. That’s the point. I don’t want to be this figment of your imagination. I want to be someone you know. I am a human, using technology to connect with more people, but that doesn’t mean that I want to appear robotic in any way.

I hope that your experience while on Hue Go Girl is different than any other. Though, I have cautions and warnings for you on every entry, please know that each entry of writing is 100% ME. I write in the same way I speak. I use a crap-ton of slang and made up words. I like to talk with a lot of adjectives, so run-on sentences are a thang I do too. Can you just go with it? Let your conservative side take a vacation and welcome in your spunky side, while here. I know English. I had amazing teachers and professors who taught me all the things. (I am so sorry to any and all of my teacher’s, teacher friends and grammar police out there. Forgive me, I know I have done you wrong.) I have a college degree, two for that matter. But, nonetheless, proper grammar will come in and out. Sentence structure… probably doesn’t exist here. So! With all that being said, enjoy my sarcastic tone, colorful wording and strange personality in each and every thing I do here. Let’s be friends who wear blue lipstick and get to a whole new level of awesome, together!

Hue Go Girls!


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